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I apprenticed with Ashley after my Teacher Training and I honestly could not have been more grateful. It's so obvious how much Ashley loves teaching. In her apprenticeship, Ashley spends so much time explaining any and all questions you have. She's incredibly patient. She's kind. She's knowledgable. Even years later when I have cueing questions, I hit her up on Marco Polo and she's ALWAYS there for me. So grateful to have had a mentor like Ashley.

Working with Ashley was AMAZING!!! Her palpable passion for both yoga and teaching will inspire any mentee. From creating class outlines to practicing cues, I felt prepared to enter the yoga-teaching world after mentoring with her. She helped me overcome my fear of making a mistake and taught me how to embrace each moment. This made it easy to create an authentic yoga experience!

I consider my mentorship with Ashley to be a critical part of the confidence I gained to finally teach yoga. Being a new yoga teacher can be very intimidating, but Ashley was patient, kind, and easy to work with. When it came to giving me feedback, it was legitimate and honest feedback that really helped improve my teaching. To this day, when I am planning my yoga classes, I still recall some of the pointers she gave me. She helped me to recognize where small details and word choices made big differences.

Ashley full splits mudra

Ashley full splits mudra





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three yogis laughs bw (1)








The Apprenticeship w/ Ashley

was designed to help new and current yoga teachers amplify their teaching & class planning.

This program will help you take your teaching to the next level!

Through one on one mentorship with me, as well as the hands on experience of co-teaching along side me, you will connect with the tools and methods to create powerful classes, empower your students, and theme artistically in your own voice.

These are all things I have worked hard to achieve and learn myself over my past 10 years of teaching yoga (for 5+ years) and fitness, and all methods I am passionate about teaching others to accomplish as well.

Together, we are powerful!


Once you apply for the apprenticeship, we will set up a time to meet for an "interview."

Really, this is just another way of saying we will meet up for coffee/tea to be sure you are ready for the commitment, and to be sure I understand your goals as a teacher so I can curate the perfect program for you.


Over the course of 4 weeks:


1. We will meet once a week for a 1:1 session.

This will look different for you since every teacher is unique in what they will want to focus on. This part will be tailored towards you, but could look something like this:

x Structuring a Yoga Class the Contemporary Yoga way

x Creating a beautiful class soundtrack of modern music

 Empowerment Cueing Practice

x The Art of Theming

x Weaving Yoga Anatomy into your class

x Practicing and learning safe & effective assists as a teacher of the modern yoga world

2. We will create 4 Classes Together that you will assist and/or co-teach with me

(location of class will be at the Good Vibes Dance Studio - home of Vibes Yoga - in Salt Lake City, UT)

3. Your 4th and Final Class

This class will be a fun celebration! We'll invite friends and family and co-teach a full class that you'll build and create all on your own! 

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The Apprenticeships with Ashley is a 4 week program, and though the schedule itself will be created in flexibility with yours and mine, you will get the following:


- 4 Weeks of Growth & Empowerment -

• 4 one hour sessions with me (1 per week)

• 4 Yoga classes in which you will plan, sequence, assist and/or co-teach with me

• Online access to me as we plan classes and sequences through out the week via Google Docs and Marco Polo

• Tools to inspire creativity in class planning

• Practices for cueing to empower your students in a crisp & clear way

• My personal methods for curating a beautiful yoga class

• The art of theming your yoga classes to embody your own voice and message

• How to give safe and effective assists to your students

• My support and guidance in your yoga career by helping you stay connected to job opportunities should you see it

• +More


Working with Ashley revived my faith in myself that I could be a yoga teacher! I was pretty disillusioned after yoga teacher training. Especially when it came to actually leading a class. I was really questioning if I had made the right decision.. Working with Ashley changed all of that!! I so admired her inventive, creative flows and transitions and I knew I wanted to apprentice with a woman. But I had NO IDEA how wonderful it would be to collaborate with this special lady. She was open to all my ideas, flows, artists for soundtracks, and frustrations. She allowed me to play the artists I loved and helped to arrange the songs in the most beautiful soundtracks that I’ve kept and listen to TO THIS VERY DAY. She encouraged me in every way possible. She offered valuable feedback and ideas in such a respectful and gentle manner. I knew from our first meeting that she truly wanted me to succeed! And to know she was coteaching with me was such a calming feeling!! Especially the big smile I’d get from her when I did well!☺️ She gave me the great advice of practicing my queuing once or twice and walking away. Which I felt helped me profoundly. Every class I cotaught with her raised my confidence and instilled in me the desire to persevere. She allowed and encouraged me to be my authentic self. And for that I am so grateful. I wish I could have continued working with her. I still practice the unique flows she taught me to this day. I truly can’t say enough wonderful things about Ashley. As a teacher, a mentor, a collaborator, a friend, a person, a woman.

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