Build-To Grasshopper Pose

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Ever see a fancy pose on the web & think

"Hey, I can totally nail that!"

...only to be left feeling as though the pose was built more for the Cirque Du Soleil cast than your body?

Here is an immensley fun, challenging, stregnthening, and don't forget, playful pose.


I found this pose while scrolling Instagram for some inspiration in the beginning of my yoga practice, and like I said above;

I thought for sure I could nail this pose!

I had no real clue what I was actually demanding my body to do, going for this pose prior to any warming.

Here's what's happening:

Hips are loose & open

• Strong Arm Balance

• Body & Spine are Twisting

Here are a few poses to get comfortable in, and even deepen, in your practice before upping your challenge to Grasshopper pose.

Hop to it ;)

Crescent Twist

Single Pigeon

Side Crow

Single-Leg Chair Pose

#BuildTo #YPAF

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