Yoga for Chest Opening

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Whether you need a good stretch for your muscles, or need to emotionally open yourself up to new energy, your yoga mat is never a bad tool to roll out!

Chest opening yoga poses have numerouse benefits.

- Relieve sore/tight shoulder & back muscles

- Bring ease to your breath & lungs

- Cultivate energy to bring a fresh sense of openness into your body & breath.

Use these 9 poses as a sequence

(click the first picture for more info and to follow the sequence)

Do the 1st Three on Both Sides

Then go onto the standing poses. Right side first, then repeat on other side.

End with Camel Pose

& Be sure to focus on your breath.

Keep in mind that to become open, physically or emotionally, you can not be forceful.

By creating a smooth, deep & yogic breath you can slowly invite the openness you're looking for.

(try ujjayi, though this is a form of Praynayama, it can be a great base to find breath to help deepen into your poses.

Inhale through your nose, exhale through your nose while constricting the back of your throat to make an ocean-wave sound)




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