5 Basic Steps to Help Re-Focus & Turn Aspirations into Action

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

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On the note & topic of re-awakening & re-focusing, I want to share my personal 5 steps to take in order to:

Refocus your energy

Reset your intentions &

Turn your Aspirations in to Actions

These 5 steps are perfect if you're just beginning a new regime of some kind ...(ie: wanting to get back into your yoga practice, your routine of health & wellness, or if you have recently had a big life change that is leaving you feeling busy & manic.)

((Hint: You may want to go snag up your notebook for this one!))

First & foremost: Jot down your aspiration; your dream!

Is it physical or emotional? Professional? All of the above?

Anything is valid!

Once you take hold & are able to write your aspiration(s) down, it may be easier to narrow down on the actions it will take to turn you towards that aspiration!


Step One: List your Fears

What are the "false truths" that your inner self creates in your mind? What is holding you back? It could even be negative self comments that hinder you from believing that actually; you CAN do this.

Step Two: The Fix

For each fear you jotted down just now, there is a fix. What is that fix, or action that you can make daily toward conquering each fear, or false truth?

Step Three: Find Your Mantra

You know that phrase, "Fake it 'till you make it"? This method works! Find a Mantra, something that resinates with you & what you're going through. A small phrase you can meditate with, even if just for a few breathes at a stop light, or on your lunch break.

This is your mantra, a personal reminder of your capabilities.

Step Four: Goals

Now, you've written down your fixes; the daily actions geared towards conquering your false truths & fears.

Your goals will be the daily actions you take that are going to bring you closer to achieving your aspiration.

Step Five: UnPlug & Wake Up

Find time to unplug from the world through out your day. Notice what happenes when you do plug in. (Does it bring your energy down? Do you lose focus? Does it hinder you from working on your goals?)

Instead of beginning each morning by submerging yourself into technology, emails, phone calls or social media;

Challenge yourself to wake up and be with yourself.

Find a comfortable seat, not on your bed, close your eyes & repeat your mantra inside to yourself.

If I could add a Step Six, I would add this: Be Consistent

These steps are basic, but strong.

And like many situations in life, if you are consistent with these steps - change will start to occur. Habits are made & you are left refocused, and reset!

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