Tips for a Positive Yoga Practice

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

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Over the past few years Social Media and yoga have meshed into one.

It's an amazing way to become inspired, but can quickly cross the line into holding attachment and overall, being non-conducive to the point of a yoga practice...which is not always about doing picture-perfect poses,

but more about using those poses as tools to do something so much greater:

living a more enlightened life of awareness.

Maybe you're stressed about your yoga practice, because of the requirements social media has given us to be "perfect" (whatever that means!)

Or maybe you feel negativity from other aspect in your life.

Negativity happens, and you are not alone in it!

Yoga isn't necessarily about feeling positive & blissful all the time, but more about being able to observe what you feel.

Here are a few things to remember to keep the positive vibes flowing in your yoga practice:

There's no perfect variation of a pose, no better "level" of yoga to be on.

There is no better variation of poses.

The only perfect way to do a pose, is the way that feels perfect for you, right here & right now.

We are all coming to our practice from different situations, different days & bringing different energies.

Some days you may be able to rock the fullest expression of a pose, but on other days, may need to take it back a notch.

No one is keeping track. Do what feels good in your body.

{What else is yoga for if not to feel good in our bodies?}

Embrace challenge!

Instead of telling yourself you can't do something, and wanting to give into the idea of being comfortable vs. doing the things that aren't easy...allow yourself to be in the hard places!

Whether it's a challenging yoga pose, or a challenging situation off of your mat.

There is growth in this challenge.

This attitude of allowing yourself to explore places you may have thought were impossible

will slowly make its way into your daily life.

Imagine what you could accomplish!

{Don't sell yourself short, in anything you do. You are capable of incredible things.}

Remind yourself this when a false-truth pops into your mind.

It's not all Asana

When we think about "yoga" it is pretty common that we think about our time on the mat, in our classes & in the poses.

Yoga is so much more.

Look at the 8 Limbs of Yoga & you'll see how Asana,

or what is known as our physical practice in modern day yoga,

is actually a very small part of a yoga practice.

Other things we practice: Truthfullness, Non-attachement, Concetration, Meditation.

This bring the #yogaeverydamnday to a different perspective right?

Just because you can't get on the mat one day, doesn't mean you can't connect with or challenge yourself - that is the true yoga right there!

Keep these few things in mind when you feel disconnected and need some more positivity.

It will come. Everything is impermanent.

You'll find what you need; just keep practicing!

You've got this, yogi!





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