How To: Create a Home Yoga Practice

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Practicing yoga at a beautiful studio is great for inspiration, and actually very essential to a yoga practice in my opinion, but sometimes it just isn't realistic.

It can get expensive, and whether you have puppies, little humans, or anyone else who may depend on you, it can be hard to find the time!

Don't let your practice suffer from this!

Even if you think you have limited time or space,

I want to give you a few tips on creating your own home yoga practice!

These are simple, actionable ways that you can begin your practice right now, no matter what!

The most important things:




Here are some ways to find those for yourself:

1 // Find Your Space don't need a separate room, an altar of statues or fresh burning sage, or even a dark space to practice your yoga!

I speak from experience.

If you haven't been able to notice from my social media pictures, I have a very small house.

It's a one level, 3 bedroom home with a jungle as a backyard.

My options for a yoga space were slim when I first started my own home practice.

Yet, the majority of my practice used to be at home!

It's where I created my own practice, and essentially learned SO much about myself; including the realization of wanting to become a teacher.

Get creative...

• notice your surroundings

Do you prefer carpet or tile under your mat?

Is it a space that you will have to yourself at some point in the day?

For me, nap time for my kiddos is prime ME time.

• move furniture

I have to move our accent chair each time I practice.

Sometimes there are dust bunnies on the floor.

But that's ok.

The little space in front of my front door is my space for teaching myself strength.

It may not see idea, but it works!

It's where I noticed how I could get my body to do arm balances, and was even the first place I held my handstand away from the wall.

Search for your version of this space!

• use your senses

Do you need to move a garbage can, or do a quick wipe of the flooring that you'll have your face near?

It seems silly, but it is essential!

I love to have some oils near me as I practice.

Peppermint & Wild Orange for a more energetic practice.

Clary Sage or Lavender for a grounding, restful practice.

2 // Find Your Jams

Here is a fun fact; Mantra Yoga is one of the most ancient forms of yoga

& actually came before all the yoga poses we do today!

What's Mantra Yoga?

The Yoga of Sound

Think, sound bowls, chanting "

om" and Hindu prayers.

You'll still find these throughout modern yoga paired with the poses, but if you aren't comfortable saying prayers to a Hindu god you know nothing about, or don't have access to any beautiful sound bowls, I have good news!

You don't actually need that stuff.

Have you heard of Spotify? Pandora? Apple Music?

These tools are incredible for yoga.

I swear by Spotify.

Here are some exclusive soundtracks I've created for my classes.

You can only find these here, in this post!

Click & "follow" or "save" if you like one & flow!





3 // Find Your Flow

When I began my home practice, I think the hardest part for me was finding out what to actually do.

This was before online yoga videos were a thing, so I began by using books.

Here are my faves for beginning a practice:



my teacher, Kathryn's books:

Women's Health Big Book of Yoga


Aim True

Another idea:

Put on one of the above yoga soundtracks, or your own playlist and use the music's beat to flow.

When the music slows, slow your movements.

When it speeds up, flow through the poses faster.

When it feels deep, hold the poses and find a challenging place to breathe.

These are just a few ways to help get you started, or start up again if you've lost habit.

But, ultimately the only way to truly get started is

to roll out your mat and get moving!

You can do this!

Want More?

Check out this 7 Day Yoga Guide

PERFECT to help begin or deepen your home practice!



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