Yoga for Hip Flexibility

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

I have heard these statements time and time again...

"I went to yoga once, I couldn't even touch my toes!"


"I would go to yoga, but I am SO inflexible!"

Sound familiar? Well, it does to me. I have totally been there!

If you think about it, the above statements are pretty similar to these ones:

"I can't go get a nails are overgrown & my feet are dirty!"


"I need to wash my hair first...then I'll go to the salon."

Kind of silly, huh?

So funny how we, as humans, are so quick to judge ourselves in these aspects.

Yoga, in fact, is not about touching your toes.

And the poses themselves were created to be used as tools to achieve something much greater than getting your hands closer to your feet, or your foot closer to your face.

(Because, if you really think about you really want your face to touch your toes or the floor? ;))

The ancient yogis didn't even do these poses!

They sat in caves and on mountain tops, in meditation, just waiting for something to try and distract them, so that they could resist that urge of distraction.

That is what these poses are for.

Alas, we still yearn for flexibility...and that is ok too!

In fact, it is a byproduct of doing yoga. Not the point, but a big benefit.

And the number one area of the body I get asked questions about?


So without further are some poses I put together to help gain flexibility in your hips.

Hold these poses for at least 5-8 breaths.

Try closing your eyes,

and definitely notice distractions as they come up,

rather than being so quick to dismiss them.

Hips are a group sensitive, large muscles that need attention.

They'll bring up weird feelings, maybe even memories.

You're not the only one feeling it!

Breathe into it, notice, observe, and then try moving on to the next.



PS before you read on

make sure to check out my 7 Day Yoga Guide for adding a little extra inspo to your practice!



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