The Apprenticeship Masterclass

My signature program.

Harness your unique, authentic power & message. This 8 week, small group masterclass gives yoga teachers (new & seasoned) the space and tools to transform their teaching through re-inspiration, re-ignition, and deep empowerment.


Want to start with a smaller course?

The Radical Wisdom Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Offer your students "Yogic Sleep".

Learn to guide beautiful, guided meditation experiences. This very specific method of guiding Yoga Nidra ("yogic sleep") guides us through the 5 Koshas while in an extremely restful state. This allows us to access parts of our brain that we do not tap into until we are in certain sleep states. Guide your students to their own inner wisdom, and a truly deep transformation.

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The Ultimate Posture Handbook

Feel confident in each posture you teacher.

No more googling postures, or trying to remember posture names, Sanskrit terms, and specific benefits! This guide offers 70+ yoga poses, their Sanskrit names, and so much more! For each pose you will find anatomical cue inspiration, its anatomical benefits, energetic benefits, and chakra benefits. This handbook is one you truly can't find anywhere else. This is exactly why I created it!