Premium Yoga Guide by Ashley St. John

What is the BlissShineBalance Yoga Program?

A premium, one of a kind yoga experience including a downloadable yoga guide to follow & online tools that will help you transform, uncover & discover your capabilities.

Whatever your intention...

• Flexibility

• Mindfulness

• Physical/Mental Balance

• Weightloss

• Strengthening

{This program will help guide you!}

What do you get?

 You will get the downloadable yoga guide

as well as

access to the closed Facebook Group which is where you will get

• LIVE Yoga classes with me

• Daily Checkins

• Monthly Focused Challenges

• Access to Guide Updates & Focused Guides for the challenges

What is in the Downloadable Yoga Guide?

• A bit of Yoga History

• A Beginner Yoga Plan & an Intermediate Yoga Plan, each with its own calendar to easily work into your own schedule.

Each plan has 2 Focuses to choose from depending on your goals:

--- Slow & Stretchy (for flexibility & mindfulness)


--- Strengthen & Sweat (for toning & challenge)

• Yoga Sequences, and daily challenges to help guide you towards discovery & intentions.

How much is the BlissShineBalance Program?

You get the downloadable Yoga Guide, Online classes, access to a yoga teacher 24hrs a day, monthly focused challenges for a balanced & fresh yoga practice, and free updates/focused guides!